FUX THAT GRYSK ISHT! Yuuzhan Vong Bullet Points from SWAG77 FB Group



Here are our Star Wars Yuuzhan Vong Fandom Bullet Points from the Facebook Group.

If you are a fan of the Yuuzhan Vong from Star Wars Legends Canon, these bullet points were created in 2009 and have been modified several times. SOME information comes from the Star Wars New Jedi Order (NJO) Legends Canon books. SOME information is from what we learned from our active roleplay (RP) in 2008 – 2013. We were forced to stop by a RAT.

We know some fans want to learn about the Yuuzhan Vong. Here our our latest BULLET POINTS. They are not written in stone. They are free to use and modify by fans who wish to use them. We have put a lot of research and best practices to them. But we make mistakes, too.

  • They are from a different galaxy – allegedly “close by” to ~10,000 – 24,000 light years relative to the core of the galaxy
  • They are ABSENT in the Force for many reasons why and they do not know why, directly – in the novels. Direct Force powers exacted on them do not work except Force Lightning (generally a Sith power) and Force Object Throwing, such as throwing a boulder or large piece of equipment.
  • There are ~26 Novels and RPG books about the Yuuzhan Vong
  • IN OUR ROLEPAY TO TRAIN OUR MINDS TO BE A YUUZHAN VONG, WE, THE ROLEPLAYERS NEVER SAY “VONG” — we either say YV’s or Yuuzhiees. “VONG” should be considered an verboten epithet to the YV’s. . Practicing how not to say this is a way to to stay in character (IC). Do it even in OOC. Then, if others say it, well if you’re IC — curse them… If you’re OOC, you can choose to explain it to them or not.
  • The Yuuzhan Vong are MEGA-SUPER-EVANGELICAL RELIGIOUS. They believe in a pantheon of gods. Right now, it’s 6 gods. If Lucasfilm uses them, they will be removing that number unless they are motivated to not do that. It is in our files as to who these gods are. We are currently working on the concept art for symbols, icons or statues because there is not much out there. Mostly, minor phrases with DO RO-IK VONG PRATTE as the last shit you say to “infidels”.
  • The Yuuzhan Vong’s life is all biotechnological. Think of the SERIOUS version of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon “The Flintstones” on crack… Think of the Kaiju movies like Godzilla, Mothra and Ghihdorah. Think of the latest Kaiju from the movie Pacific Rim. Yes, the Yuuzhan Vong are all like that on CRACK…Think of everything as highly biologically evolved at a genetically modification and adaptation to a high proficiency. Like Operation Warp speed for the COVID vaccine at thought-speed from the TV anime show, “Battle of the Planets” (Battleship Yammato). The Yuuzhan Vong are the best cloners – like their genetic modifications are pretty much normal and undetectible in shaped human beings. They are the best general and plastic surgeon with out anesthetic because pain is a gift and you find your exaltation from it. They are the best terraformers (Vongforming) and that pesky moon movement deal is annoying (Yo’gand’s Core).
  • They HATE, HATE, HATE DROIDS. HATE DROIDS. THE ARE RACIST AGAINST DROIDS! THEY ARE TECHNOPHOBES TO THE NTH DEGREE PLUS ONE! (That’s why the Grysk idea sucks). Because, whew…when C3PO spoke to Nom Anor — Think the movie Prometheus when the Engineer woke up and the Android (Fassbender) spoke to him in his language — yeah, that’s what YV’s would do. They will destroy droids. They HATE them. Did I say they HATE them? They find them extremely offensive to life in general – like pro-lifers.
  • There are 6 castes of the Yuuzhan Vong (and the famous members of each caste with corresponding Facebook pages):

    Supreme Overlord (Shimrra Jamaane)
    Priest Caste (Jakan)
    Master Shaper Caste (scientists, physicians, etc.) (Master Shaper Mezhan Kwaad)
    Warrior Caste (Warmaster Tsavong Lah)
    Intendant Caste (Executor Nom Anor)
    Shamed Ones (YV’s who are misshapen, aliens, etc.)

    In a separate discussion, we can discuss the how’s and why’s for each caste. Currently, there are few symbols, icons or statues to represent each caste. There can be fan art, just know that Disney Lucasfilm might refuse to see it.
  • What makes them a threat to the known Star Wars galaxy that has the Chiss Ascendancy spooked. (BWHAHAHA). Chiss are atheists. They don’t believe in any deity. So.. That’s blasphemy to the Yuuzhan Vong and if they capture a Chiss (if they can) — they’ll torture them until they come into the sacredness of Yun Yuuzhan — ZHAELOR ZHAETOR ZHAE — and then escalate them…
  • The Yuuzhan Vong are into pain — they worship pain to a BDSM level. Yes. They sleep in pain. It does get them off. They undergo surgery and plastic surgery without anesthesia. How do you think they get those rank spikes in their backs? They clamp them each time they rise in rank. Some warriors have many of them.
  • They destroyed their entire galaxy. They have living superweapons that can destroy planets repeatedly.
  • They “break” Jedi, psychologically. They can break “Dark Side” users but not full Sith, like Darth Sidious. Breaking means that one of their biotechnological (biot) organism (War Coordinator/ Yammosk) probes one’s brain (like the Minian Bor Gullet) not just to search for information, but to learn personality/likes/dislikes/emotions/trauma/etc. then put the most traumatic painful experiences on fucking loop to make you THINK that shit over and over and over again. That is kinna fucked up, but yeah. Jedi believe letting all emotion go — There is no emotion there is peace… Yeah, peace means submission according the YVs. So, yeah, painful memories are just used against a Light Side users. Since the Sith get off on pain, well…yeah, they’d eventually get off on this. That’s how the Embrace of Pain operates.
  • They will “Vongform” or terraform planets to suit their needs and to grow their ecosystems underground for 1000s+ years. (Our headcanon is that the Yuuzhan Vong added their seeds and eggs to Alderaan before they “sprouted” or “hatched” and the Emperor found out they did that. So he ordered Tarkin to show the full power of the Death Star — Bail Organa and Leia Organa had no idea of the YV’s existence).
  • Metal is digested by their biots by the most acidic acid (think Alien Xenomorphs).
  • They can MANIPULATE people for their purposes or they can definitely turn them into impostors (Among Us).
  • They conquered Coruscant easily.

    What ultimately took them down is the planet, Zonama Sekot that is the original “seed planet” for their homeworld, Yuuzhan’tar. There is also a weed killer like Agent Orange called Alpha-Red, created by the Chiss Ascendancy. We will discuss that “Nirvana Vongie Wongie Heaven” later.

    These are the basics. Read “Vector Prime” and everything in between, as much as you can, and then “The Unifying Force”. While both books some mostly the “good guys” and Jedi side than the Yuuzhan Vong, welp…them’s the breaks.

    As far as interaction with the Sith, Lord Nyax, an Inquisitor who had not left Coruscant after the Yuuzhan Vong sacking of the planet. A Sith can take out a squad. Moreover, 6-7 Mandalorians with full armor can take down one Yuuzhan Vong Warrior. Darth Maul killed a Praetorite Vong in the Legend’s book, LOCKDOWN. But regular Force Powers do not work on most Yuuzhan Vong.

    Can your character or you join the Yuuzhan Vong? Only if you are born a Yuuzhan Vong and your life is predetermined or you are sacrificed. Some aliens are allowed to join. But most are not, they are sacrificed.
  • The word the Yuuzhan Vong often use to reach a higher state of being is ESCALATION. Escalation is everything. Who can be brought before the Gods for salvation and sacrifice. Think about who gets escalated in Star Wars. Now you know how Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Yuuzhan Vong fan-fictions work.

If you don’t understand something, we will be happy to explain in OOC terms.

Well, if you totally disagree and retort…


General Guidelines

The thought was that the Yuuzhan Vong would be the antagonists and villains in the Sequel Trilogy. It was wrong.

Here is our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/beayuuzhanvong/

Discord servers forthcoming.

A bunch of fans will portray the Yuuzhan Vong (YV) online without foundation. They have not read ONE book. They have not been bullied for their portrayal, of Yuuzhan Vong because fans hate these characters and do not respect them.

LIKE our page: https://facebook.com/yuuzhanvongempire

How this group will run:

General Lore knowledge of YV culture:





Vong means an orphan that the Gods have shunned which is worse of the worse in their culture. So never call them one unless you want them to fight (spelled cut you when we pretend).

If you cannot write the words “Yuuzhan Vong” – call them YV’s.

Other pages that are not a part of the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77) are absolutely clueless on HOW TO portray them.

Those who have tried, have failed because it involved in depth knowledge of religious fanaticism and faith.

The Yuuzhan Vong are not “Muslim Terrorist” and that is very offensive. We will never go there. The biggest irony is the Yuuzhan Vong are like a Christian Evangelical Cult With The Rattlesnakes.

We post very nasty biological images from real life.

We want to show Star Wars fans the possibility of biological technology, BIOTS, that the Yuuzhan Vong use. The biggest reasons why fans do not like the Yuuzhan Vong is because they cannot imagine a “living ship” or a “bioship”. If it happens in real life, then it can happen in fiction (with tweaks).

Moreover, Yuuzhan Vong Language lessons are important when we publicly portray Yuuzhan Vong ideas. We should be able to use words for our ideas.

We want to go crazy like the Yuuzhan Vong and then strongly religious words that question toxic fans very beliefs in Star Wars. For instance, what about the Force?

Supreme Commander Nas Choka said, “The Force is just an idea, and to defeat an idea is to come up with a better one.”

In another book, Warmaster Tsavong Lah said “All the Force is sorcery and parlor tricks”

They say that because they are Force Absent or what Lucasfilm claims as Force Immune, and that is why they do not like the idea of the Yuuzhan Vong.

But Force Absence is a plausible idea because it exists in real life in the concept of Dark Matter in space.

Of course, all Star Wars fans want to kick the asses of the Yuuzhan Vong and defeat them severely. But there are very specific ways it had to be done in the literature. In general, it took a PLANET to stop them. There was a heinous drug, Alpha Red, but it digested them like “Agent Orange” and “Black Salve” — but see, the Yuuzhan Vong get off on pain, so, that’s not effective.

How can they be defeated in the Force? You had better be a very good user of the Force. Be strong in the Force. It takes unbelievable amounts of Force powers to take them down. And every Jedi who used powerful forms of the Force turned to the Dark Side if they survived a battle against the Yuuzhan Vong.

Now, with that said, Sith can beat them, but that fight is ALL DAY. Maul in a Legends book came across one and did beat him. But look how evil Maul really is. He kills babies without a thought.

Palpatine could beat them if he came across one or a few of them.

Vader would not survive a outright Yuuzhan Vong attack.

It requires deep Dark Side powers, such as a Thought Bomb to beat the Yuuzhan Vong through the Force — the Dark Side of the Force…

But in our fanfic headcanons, we have a way were Dark Side users would not want to kill Yuuzhan Vong and they are very underhanded — it is evil. Very evil.

And that is the purpose of this group, to learn how to portray or support the ideas of the Yuuzhan Vong and discuss how to defeat them.

Besides, where were the Sith during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion and war?

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Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG 77)

THE FORETELLING – A Star Wars Fanfic: Rising Force, Rebellious Seed

I was told my story was too violent and should not read.

It’s real put into the Star Wars universe before Disney and has the Legend Yuuzhan Vong.

It is about the “Mother Jedi” trope. My character, AUSET LAH, is a lost padawan enslaved by pirates on an unknown planet. By the time she becomes an adult, she is labeled as a breeder. But she avoided being bred until she was caught and pilloried to be beaten by a knout as an example to the other slaves.

While beaten by the orange overseer, a squad of aliens witness the pain on AUSET that only a goddess could withstand. It was by faith that they saved her and took her to their synod.

She is the first Jedi youngling they captured for study.

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Sacred Baptism on Haruun Kal

This fanfic is from 2009. It is about Star Wars Legends characters, the Yuuzhan Vong and their attempt to integrate and adapt to the new galaxy — pre-invasion. But slowly, the Domains (great families) were getting anxious about living on their Worldships, large sea star creatures the size of a planet and all YV ships are living — and getting old and dying.

The concerns were if they did not terraform enough planets, they would die. Moreover, to find their heaven or nirvana planet, which was the one promised by their chief deity, Yun Yuuzhan who send his seed from their galaxy, the planet Yuuzhan’tar, they could not enter this new (SW) galaxy. A few Domains did not care that they had not found Yuuzhan’tar. So, they started to shape “dirtball” planets, like Rhommamool and Bimmiel. Planets that had too much technology on it were destroyed and broken into pieces to grow their living starships, like Serpindal and the Dobido moon. They would move planets from vacuum to ecological wonders. But the cost weighed in on the Force. And Force wielders sensed that even though they could not sense the Yuuzhan Vong.

It never chalked up to changes in astrometrics. Astute members of the galaxy realized the changes sensed by the Jedi, and then by the Sith were results of deliberate acts. But no civilization in the galaxy was powerful enough make those changes except the empires of old and powerful Force wielding entities like the Mortis gods. The movements were far outside the Force as reported in the Unknown Regions, Wild Space and Outer Rim and mostly primitive cultures, except the Chiss Ascendancy.

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During the supplicant war called The Clone Wars: Hajj Praetorites met JEEDAI. They say their plasma blades with unlive metal casings as their wield it with their blasphemous Force. They tried to use it on our Vonduun Skerr Kyrric (crab armor) but it failed though our skin can be cauterized. More for the blessed pain — HROSHA GUL

Our…YUUZHAN VONG ADVANCED SCOUT SHIPS EAT KYBER CRYSTALS… pulverizing them by acid magma digestion and converting the energy into a focused long-lasting beam slicer.

Our Dread Weapons consume hulls. Finding and eating kyber crystals aboard infidel unlive metal ships is easy.